I'm Charles, a Creative Technologist living in London

I use code, electronics, fabric, construction and a bit of theatrics to deliver unforgettable interactive experiences.



A Brief History

I grew up with a love of the theatre and interactive experiences. Creating environments with hidden technology has always been my driving force to create magical memories.

Trained at LAMDA in London for theatre technical, I gained an education in everything theatre, lighting, sound, set design and construction, costume design and stage management. It gave me a great grounding in all areas needed to create unforgettable experiences.

Graduating from LAMDA I moved directly into a job as the Deputy Chief Electrician at the beautiful Richmond Theatre, a listed building in the heart of Richmond, Surrey. Over my 5+ years I maintained the theatre, created brand new control systems for all the technical areas as well as the day to day running of the sound and lighting departments to bring in a different show every week. Along with this I helped produce many shows from scratch each year.

Along with this I was one of the founding members of the London Hackspace, a shared space for geeks to learn from each other and use tools in a creative space. I eventually joined the board of Directors for the space, I served for 5+ years helping to grow the hackspace from 12 members to over 1.5k paying members and to expand the physical space into 2 floors and a yard full with 3d printers, a lasercutter, fabric area with knitting machine, a fully kitted out wood and metal shop and more. It was during this time that I became involved with a TV show that shot a pilot episode in the space for a show they would become Gadget Geeks for Sky One.

Joining the team for Gadget Geeks I worked along side Tom Scott and Colin Furze both of YouTube fame to create 24 gadgets on a shoe string budget with little time, working 6 day weeks and late into the night. We created gadgets such as a washing line that folded itself up if rain was on the way, robots that tracked and automatically herded sheep and turned a whole skatepark into a projection mapped game that tracked players as they skated around it and scored them points.

During the shooting I left the theatre to pursue creating experiences like these from scratch full time. As much as I loved the Richmond I couldn't beat the feeling that came with working on such varied projects and being challenged every day to find brand new solutions to deliver these interactive experiences.

Now I'm fully freelance, working on projects that interest me and allow me to create those moments of awe that I felt going to my first spectacular play as a child.